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Nahla's Oasis Cast and Characters
Nahla's Oasis is now digital on Amazon! 

Nahla's Oasis chronicles the adventures of a teenage girl born in a desert village in a remote corner of what is known today as the Middle East.


After she learns that her village and others like it are in imminent danger of drought, she sets out on a quest to save their way of life. She soon realizes she is woefully unprepared for such an undertaking and nearly gives up. After facing many challenges and perilous situations she discovers her remarkable leadership abilities and undeniable resolve. 


Along the way, Nahla convinces a rag-tag group of gypsy adventurers to join her in a daring rescue attempt of an inventor who is being held captive on a deadly submarine known as “The SeaSaw”. Its evil captain, Hazilod Kin, has kidnapped the inventor and forced him to make diabolical devices of destruction and terror - part of his plan to wreak havoc on the world and rule the seas. Nahla believes the inventor may hold the key to solving her problem, so she risks it all in an effort to free the imprisoned inventor and return to her village with the solution to their dilemma.


It’s an imaginative tale of an unlikely hero who conquers impossible odds to rescue a village on the brink of certain doom.  

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