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Meet The Team

Christian Hope

As a concept designer and creative director working in the themed entertainment industry, Christian Hope has played a key role in developing world class attractions for all the major studios and entertainment developers. During his long career he has been a part of countless theme park attractions and destination experiences across the globe. In 2017 he made the choice to pursue a new challenge - to create a graphic novel with a story and characters of his own invention. With the encouragement and support of his wife Colette Chaghouri-Hope and his business associates Juliane Ramadan and Jacob Glaser, he began a journey that would result in the tale of Nahla and her quest to save her tiny desert village. Although the original idea for Nahla’s Oasis was his, he sought the advice and participation of his sister-in-law Gisele Chaghouri, as she brought an understanding of Middle-Eastern culture and tradition that the story would certainly need. A team effort in the truest sense of the word, Nahla’s Oasis is the product of the creative people of 31Thirteen Studio.  

Core Team

Christian Hope - Original story, characters, overall creative lead and concept artists.

Juliane Ramadan - Co-creator, visual development support and project coordination. 

Gisele Chaghouri - Co-contributor and consultant for story & character development.

Colette Chaghouri - Co-contributor, business affairs and project coordination.

Vito Sanzone - Marketing & business affairs.


Jacob Allan Glaser -

Anthony Diecidue -

Yvette & Marilu Molina -

Nicholas Hope -


Mackenzie Hope -

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